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2°8, entrance cabinet


2°8, entrance cabinet with refined lines offers several functions to this passage area. In addition to being used as a bench for an easily lacing up shoes, it offers storage for shoes as well as for high boots. It also can be used as coat rack and other accessories through its vertical lines.


General view


2-Levels shoes storage space plus a space for high boots, here on the right.


Its concentric vertical lines are maintained in high by a circle made by deposition molten wire - FDM / 3D Printing.


In addition to maintained space between lines to facilitating the use of coat rack, this ring can accommodate accessories such as snoods.


The curve sketched by the vertical lines - besides giving an aesthetic dynamic - facilitate the use of the coat rack in a home

where members can have various heights.


Tools prototyped by 3D printing allowed to perfectly defined the drilling angle of holes.


The vertical lines are deliberately blocked in the different levels of this furniture to preserve them, when they are loaded by heavy coats.


Generous dimensions of the bench 1600x450x400 (LxHxP) allow to used it at several and offer an undeniable space of decoration in the entrance.

Meuble chaussures 2.131.png
Meuble chaussures 2.124.png
Meuble chaussures 2.130.png
Meuble chaussures 2.127.png
Meuble chaussures 2.132.png

3D renderings of the entrance cabinet to pre-validate it before it handcrafted.

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