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research project

INSIC - 2014

i.Aleatory is a search project. This study look to answer to the question "How and why integrate the aleatory in the digital channel?" The result is the injection of an algorythm in the design/modeling 3D of a basic product (example : a coffe cup) to industrialy produce through additive manufacturing, single product as an artisan could did. Here, the men are not involved and can't influence the product as was the case in Gaetano Pesce's or Sam Varn Doorn's work.


Study's result: an ordinary product, the coffee cup, whose shapes and colors randomly vary to

always obtain an unique product.


Schematic diagram of the product design defined by points whose X, Y and Z coordinates are randomly variable.

These points define surfaces that constitutes the body of the product, here, the cup and its handle.


Schematic diagram of the production of an unique piece by 3D printing - from a .STL file to the finished product.

Then colors are applied in an automated thermo-lacquering booth which robots' arms perform controlled but constantly random movements.


Coffee cups prototyped by SLS technology to validate the production process defined in this experimental design approach.

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