Tikee's packaging


The packaging of the timelapse cameras Tikee PRO2 and Tikee PRO 2+ are made of boxes and sleeves.

While the Tikee PRO2 is self-sufficient, connected to 4G and WIFI with 4K panoramic shot at 220 °, the Tikee PRO2 + is more professionally oriented with more battery capacity, a geolocation capability, a 6K panoramic shot and a more robust anodized aluminum stage.

From an external point of view, only the black or grey silkscreens on the front sides of the cameras differentiate the two products. Based on the same cardboard box that illustrates the Tikee experience, the addition of 2 separate sleeves allows to orient the 2 products towards their type of use: fun and accessible against exceptional and experienced. A selective varnish is used to magnify the information and visuals on these packagings.

Boxes and sleeves of Tikee PRO2 and Tikee PRO2+.

Different views of the Tikee PRO2+ packaging.

Different views of the Tikee PRO2 packaging

Different views of the box illustrating the Tikee experience.

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