Web & mobile app

Enlaps 2015/17

Mytikee web app & Tikee Remote mobile app have been developed for the timelapse and setting of Tikee camera. The web app provides remote control, feedback, semi-automated creation of timelapses and content sharing on a community dedicated to these medias.

The mobile app allow users to setting the camera.

Visualization of public timelapses of the community or private by links sharing.

Status monitoring and remotely setting of Tikee camera through the web application

or through the mobile app near the device.

Editing timelapses by selecting photos to use, as well as the Pan & Zoom option

to dynamize the video and use Tikee's 220° panoramic shooting.

Edition and definition of timelapses through the use of hashtags, logos, description and export for a local use.

Timelapses visualization and related informations.

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