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Customizable lights

Wall2time 2015/17

Creation and design of customizable lights (table lamps, lamps post and ceiling light).These products defined on the Solidworks software could be customized through several colors of paints and many electrical wires with colorful braided fabrics.

Portfolio Freelance-04.png

Extract of the customizable lights range

Wall2time - Mob - Lum 6.png
Wall2time - Mob - Lum 5.png

Real-life situation of a lamp post with LED tube

Wall2time - Mob - Lum 4.png
Wall2time - Mob - Lum 3.png

Real-life situation of a tripode lamp post

Wall2time - Mob - Lum 1.png
Wall2time - Mob - Lum 2.png

Real-life situation of a table lamp

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