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Packaging of Tikee's accessories


The packagings of Tikee's accessories are constituted of carton plied boxes. Each face of these boxes presents a view of the product in its dedicated space. The bottom face integrates a bar code to facilitate handling and the tracking of the accessories sold. The wire frame views are refined and technical in adequacy with the different products. The blue color used, is linked to the color of the Enlaps' blue logo, which is the manufacturer of these accessories.

Packaging Commun Accessoires - 01082019.
Packaging Commun Accessoires - 28072019-
Packaging Commun Accessoires - 28072019-

Tikee accessories packaging: 128GB micro SD card, stainless steel reinforcement and adjustable 360 ​​° rotating arm.

Packaging BRAS FIXATION-Studio 2.160.png
Packaging BRAS FIXATION-Studio 3.161.png
Packaging BRAS FIXATION-Studio 4.162.png

Different views of the packaging of the fixing arm with notche to drop the product in its packaging.

Packaging platine - 05092018.141.png
Packaging platine - 05092018-Studio 1.16
Packaging platine - 05092018-Studio 3.15

Different views of the stainless renforcement packaging with a dedicated space for screws and instructions under the main product.

Packaging SD - 28072019-Studio 1.176.png
Packaging SD - 28072019-Studio 2.177.png
Packaging SD - 28072019-Studio 3.172.png

Different views of the micro SD card packaging with four plied tabs to block the product in a dedicated area of the box

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