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Ptit's chefs, playful cooking

BTS DP - 2011

The kitchen ustensil P'tits Chefs is designed to involve children in their nutrition by making them actors in the preparation of their meals. From dosage until ingredients mixing, this ustensil offers the possibility to prepar a new french pancake batter corresponds to a healthy diet for children. Measuring cups and a cook whisk allows to mix the ingredients by shaking the utensil as a shaker. Then children can give free rein to their imagination to cook french pancakes and smartly play with food.


View of the disassembled utensil for washing it in the dishwasher.

Projet Pro.jpg
Projet Pro2.jpg

Usage diagram of the utensil, from ingredients preparation to their mixture until the realization of revisited french pancakes.


Example of revisited french pancakes from this product design work intrinsically linked to food design.

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