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Tikee, timelapse camera

Enlaps 2015/17

Tikee by Enlaps is a timelapse camera. Equipped with 2 cameras to capture a panoramic image, a solar panel making it 100% autonomous and an IP54 waterproof case, it is able to capture long events in all conditions. Wireless connectivity (4G / Wifi) allows to send photos and data to a dedicated web/mobile app.

Tikee in real-life situations

Couv video-01.png

Video presentation

Enlaps - CES - 4-1.png

Timelapse solution rewarded at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.


Tikee honored at Spark Product Awards 2015.


Extract of research sketches.

Visuels site web - Caroline 24052016-03

Autonomy and connectivity of Tikee.

Visuels site web - Caroline 24052016-06

Photo resolution and power generation.

Visuels site web - Caroline 24052016-02

Weatherproof IP54 resistance.

Visuels site web - Caroline 24052016-04

Connections and locking system.

Visuels site web - Caroline 24052016-05

Compatibility with standard photographic equipment.

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